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*ATTENTION: Once you purchase the Certification, you will receive an e-mail with instructions and links to the test. No Refunds will be given after the DVDs are shipped.

To become a Gold Certified Shopper, click here.
Online Gold Certification Course FAQs
What is the Gold Certification Course?
How much will it cost to buy?
Why did the MSPA create an online Gold Certification Course?
What value do Gold Certified shoppers bring to member companies?  What value will Gold Certification bring to me?
Will the online Gold Certification course be any different than the previously in-person workshops?
Can more than one shopper share the online Gold Certification Course videos?

*Prerequisites: MSPA Silver Certification
What is the Online Gold Certification Course?
It is a video version of the entire Gold Certification Workshop with instructor Cathy Stucker. MSPA filmed a workshop in a theatre setting with shoppers in the audience. No content was omitted from the live workshops - it's all there. (Back to top)
How much will it cost to buy?
$75.00 plus applicable taxes, where required.(Back to top)
Why did the MSPA create the online Gold Certification Course?
The number of Gold Certified shoppers represent just a fraction of the total number of shoppers who regularly work for MSPA member companies. MSPA member companies are clamoring for more Gold Certified shoppers. There are around 6,000 MSPA Gold Certified shoppers in an industry of more than 1,000,000 shoppers. As much as mystery shopping companies want to engage Gold Certified shoppers, there is a shortage of supply. This is partly because live workshops have a limited reach. The Gold Certification Workshops are sometimes impossible for shoppers to attend due to scheduling conflicts, distance or cost, which includes travel, child care and other costs in addition to the Workshop fee. The online Gold Certification Course is a way to bring certification to all the smaller cities and rural towns throughout North America. It's affordable, convenient and efficient.(Back to top)
What value do Gold Certified shoppers bring to member companies...and what value will Gold Certification bring to me?
In recent research by MSPA members and industry vendors (including SurfMerchants and Archon), we found the following:
  1. Gold Certified shoppers have a much lower "flake" rate.
  2. Gold Certified shoppers typically have higher grades.
  3. Gold Certified shoppers often are more professional and committed to their work. (Back to top)
Will the Online Gold Certification Course be any different than the previously in-person workshop?
In terms of content, no. But we've added new components to both the live workshops and the Pre-recorded Workshops that will greatly enhance the value of MSPA Gold Certification. Both will, from here on, incorporate a writing test and a shopper evaluation test in addition to the Gold Certification content exam. We believe these new components will make MSPA Gold Certification even more valuable than before.(Back to top)
Can more than one shopper share the online Gold Certification Course videos?
No, when you purchase MSPA Gold Certification, you are not paying only for the video, you are paying for the development and maintenance of the training and testing program as well as the maintenance of the shopper database so that companies can verify certification status. Similarly, each person who attends an In-person Gold Certification Workshop must pay to participate. Each shopper who wishes to achieve Gold Certification must pay to participate. The Gold Certification tests are coded and the code is valid only for the shopper who purchased the Pre-recorded Gold Certification Workshop. (Back to top)

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